Volume VII:

Justification by Faith —

Law and Gospel

  1. The Crux of Theology

  2. Law and Gospel - Part I - Legalism and the Truth of Justification by Faith

  3. Law and Gospel - Part II - Antinomianism and Justification by Faith

  4. Law and Gospel - Part III - The Judgment and Justification by Faith

  5. The Third Use of Law

  6. Law and Gospel in the Lutheran Confessions

  7. Law and the Christian, Part I The Reformed and Anglican Confessions

  8. Law and the Christian, Part II - The Harmony of Law and Grace

  9. Law and the Christian, Part III - "Not Under the Law"

  10. A Youth Pastor Speaks Out on the Playboy Theology

  11. The Candy Coated Gospel

  12. Quotable Quotes on Law and Gospel


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